New Service: Family Law

February 29, 2016

We have now added Family Law to the list of our services. Keep updated by checking back on on 29th February for the 1.1 update. 


We know that family disputes can be difficult and time consuming. We will make sure your case if completed as soon as possible, and that you only get the highest level of care. We mainly deal with divorce.


You can get a divorce if you have been married for at least a year and your relationship has broken down.


You must have married legally, and it has to be recognised in the UK. You must also have a permanent home in England or Wales.


There are 3 steps we offer to clients for getting a divorced:


File a divorce petition – We would apply to the court for permission to divorce, and show reasons why you would want the marriage to end.


Apply for a decree nisi - if your spouse agrees to this petition, you will get a document saying there is no reason you cannot divorce.


Apply for a decree absolute - this legally ends your marriage - you need to wait 6 weeks after we get the decree nisi before we can apply.


For more information, please contact us.


AM Law Solicitors


Foxhall Lodge

Foxhall Road




0115 845 65 83




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