Government Enforce New Visa Fees Early

March 14, 2016

The Government are now going to enforce the new visa application fees from the 18th March 2016, earlier than last year (April).



Last week, 11 March, the Home Office laid before parliament a package of changes to the Immigration Rules.

''Most of these changes affect applications made on or after 6th April 2016''.


However it was not made clear that the changes in visa fees was going to be enforced from the 18th March, you can read the statment here.


The changes in application fees usally come each year in April, but this year the government have decided to make the changes as of this week, 18th March. 


Back in a news article we posted at the beginning of March, the changes are outlined,


''The new legislation will come into effect on 18th March (6 April for the Isle of Man)''.

However, the government did not cearly mention this in the recent statement on the 11th March, casuing some confusion as of to when the new application fees will come into effect. 

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