Tier 2 General Visa - Gov Increases Salary Threshold to over £20K

The recruitment of skilled employees from outside the EEA is now a lot more expensive for employers in the UK. Also, it is now harder for skilled workers to find jobs in the UK under the new threshold. 

Changes are being made to the Tier 2 visa category, which makes recruiting none-EEA nationals more costly. This also affects migrants who want to come to the UK to work.


The eligibility requirements now ask that the applicant job ''must pay £20,800 or more''. There are exceptions to this, but this means that if a migrant has been offered a job below the threshold - they cannot apply for the Visa. 


However, towards the Autumn of this year the threshold will once again rise to £25,000 and then again in April of next year, to £30,000. This does not only mean that workers will have to be highly skilled for such a salary, but also puts strain on UK businesses looking for workers from outside the EEA. 


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