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Civil Litigation


We see litigation as a last resort.

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Disputes happen in life. Here we attempt to resolve those disputes amicably and view litigation as a last resort.


We aim to offer an efficient and personal service keeping clients updated regularly. We discuss with our client’s what they wish to achieve and then implement a bespoke strategy to fulfil that aim.

Civil Litigation Services:​

Resolve Disputes

Offer Advice

Represent Clients at Court


Our advice is tailored to each individual client to ensure the best possible outcome. We also recognise that litigation is expensive and the outcome may be uncertain.

While we will fight your corner vigorously in court if appropriate, we realise that there are often more creative and less expensive ways of resolving disputes.

We aim to have an initial consultation with our clients to collate information and provide some initial advice on how to achieve the result they want. We will also aim to provide an estimate of the costs for our representation.

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