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Document Certification

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Give us a call on 0115 845 6583 and book an appointment


If you have documents that need certifying or attesting by a solicitor/commissioner for oaths, set up an appointment with us.


You can call us on 0115 845 6583 to set up an appointment. You don't have to be a client of ours to get your documents certified. Anyone can get documents certified from AM Law Solicitors.

You can get all these documents certified by our solicitor:

  • Passport Copies

  • Photocard driving licenses

  • ID1 Forms

  • Statutory Declarations

  • Sponsorship Declarations

  • Letters from a government department

  • Gas, electricity or council tax bills

  • Letters from a hospital/doctor

  • Certificates of academic qualifications

Please note; we can help you complete forms and fill them in, but this will cost slightly more than just certifying.

Call us first:

Please remember that we have clients booked in, so call us to book an appointment before coming to the office.

0115 845 6583


How it works:

We need to see the original copy of the document you want certifying, and then we make a copy and certify it to be a true copy of the original. But if your document just needs signing, we can do that too.

Book an appointment, bring your documents, and we can certify them. 0115 845 6583.

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