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Wills and Probate and LPA Services


We deal with Will and Probate matters and Lasting Power of Attorneys

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Most people are aware of the importance of making a Will, yet statistics show that an alarming percentage of adults do not have one.

Surveys have shown that many of those without a Will intend to make one but, quite simply, have never got around to it. We have designed a fast and personal service to provide you with a comprehensive Will.

Will Services

We are aware that making a Will is very important and cannot be rushed. We have an easy drafting service that makes writing a Will time efficient and simple. We can also update old Wills and amend current Wills. 

Probate Services

We know that Probate can be a sensitive issue at a difficult time, but by working closely with our clients we can ensure that the process will be as quick and simple as possible. We can assist you with applying for Probate, help you to go through the Court Documents and then assist you to administer the Will.

Lasting Power of Attorney Services

In some situations when loved ones are losing mental capacity, it is best to get an LPA. We have dealt with many different circumstances regarding why people need an LPA to be made, and we understand that it can be difficult for all those involved. We ensure that the process is simple and as quick as possible.

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