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Landlord and Tenant


How we can help you

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We can advise Tenants and Landlords on disputes

We can issue Section 8 and Section 21 Notices to Tenants

We can prepare and issue possession claims

We can represent at possession hearings in court and enforce possession orders

We can assist Landlords through the entire process of evicting a tenant, from start to finish. We can also pick up a case during any part of the process including representation at a court hearing.

In many cases a dispute can be resolved. We are here to help tenants resolve disputes amicably without taking further action to the court. If a dispute cannot be resolved, we can assist and represent tenants in their court case against their landlord. In any case, give us a call on 0115 845 6583 or email us at and send us a copy of your tenancy agreement. 

If you have received a notice asking you to leave your property and you are unsure as to why, let us have a look at the notice. 


Are you aware of the Right-to-Rent guidance? There are checks that should be made before a tenancy is created, important to both the tenant and the landlord. Click here to find out more about the Right-to-Rent guidance.

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