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Will Writing Services


We can draft new Wills and amend old Wills

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A Will can be very important to you and your family members, we advise that no matter your age or situation, if you own any assets or a home, you should have a Will in place. Sometimes families can get into arguments and confrontations if there is no Will in place, avoid this by making a Will with us.

All Wills made through us are printed on premium quality paper and you can also ask for a digital version.

Will Services:

New Wills

Mirror Wills

Updating Wills

Islamic Wills


The importance of a Will

The reasons why you should consider writing a Will:


  • If you die without a Will the rules of Intestacy apply. This means, that without a Will, the people you want to give your assets to may never receive it and the ultimate recipient of your money may be the government

  • Efficient Inheritance Tax planning can make substantial savings and is a means of maximising the legacy you leave to your loved ones. Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) has been described as the voluntary tax. It is estimated that each year hundreds of millions of pounds in IHT is paid needlessly by failure to plan ahead

  • The administration of estates is usually quicker and cheaper when there is a Will

  • By Will you can appoint who you think would be the most appropriate person to be the Executor

  • Without a Will none of your money can go to charity or to friends

  • Without a Will you cannot leave specific gifts, such as jewellery or collections

  • By Will you can express your precise funeral wishes

  • You can appoint guardians to look after your children

  • The intestacy laws do not provide at all for partners living together (outside marriage or civil partnerships).


Writing a Will

Writing a Will

We will guide you through the process and make writing your Will as simple as possible. 

Your Will should set out:

  • who you want to benefit from your Will

  • who should look after any children under 18

  • who is going to sort out your estate and carry out your wishes after your death (your executor)

  • what happens if the people you want to benefit die before you

When it comes to property or ownership between married couples, this can be very difficult to deal with on your own. We can help you in areas such as:

  • shared property

  • leaving property to someone

  • business interests (if you own a business)

  • property overseas 


Mirror Wills

Mirror Wills


Mirror Wills are Wills that are best suited to couples who have separate property or finances. An example of a Mirror Will is a virtually identical Will, in which one member of the couple leaves their estate to the other in the event of their death. However, a Mirror Will can be used for other benefits, that include:

  • letting your partner inherit property, money or other items

  • giving property to (your) children

  • appoint guardians for your children if both partners die

The main benefit of a Mirror Will is that if one partner dies, they can leave their inheritance to their spouse, and then their children, thus providing for both.


Updating Wills

Updating Wills


The only way you can change a Will is by making an official alteration called a Codicil. A Will cannot be altered after it has been signed and witnessed. You must sign a Codicil and get it witnessed in the same way as witnessing a Will.

If you do need, or want to make any changes to your Will, we can assist you with making a Codicil. There is no limit to how many changes you can make to a Will, as long as it is done officially through a Codicil. 

Ideally, you should update your Will every 5 years, or when:

  • you get married

  • you get divorced/seperated

  • you have a child

  • you move house

  • an executor named in the Will dies

We can assist you with all aspects of Will, whether you would like a new Will, or you wish to update your Will. Contact us for more information. 0115 845 6583 or email us at 

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