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Work and Study Visa Routes


We can help with all types of UK Visas

There are many different types of Visas, and each Visa requires different information. Take a look below at a brief description of each Work and Study Visa. But if you are not sure what Visa you need, call us on 0115 845 6583. To avoid any confusion, there is no longer a Tier 3 category (since March 2013). 

If you want to come to the UK to Work or Study*, you will need to make the appropriate application. The Home Office fees for applications do change each year (around April) and once you submit an application, they will not offer a refund. To avoid any unwanted costs, we advise that you come and see us first.

*you have to be from outside the EEA (European Economic Area) to apply for a UK Visa

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Can I apply for a Work Visa?


When applying for a Work Visa, you will need to show that you will have a job in the UK (if your Visa is granted) and that the company you will be working for has a Sponsorship Licence


Can I apply for a Study Visa?


When applying for a Study Visa, you will need to show details of the course you will be part of, what you want to study and the duration of the course, along with the College or University where you will be learning. You will be able to get all this information from your College or University.


Work and Business Visas

Tier 1


Tier 1


Entrepreneur Visa: If you want to start a business in the UK. Set up or take over the running of one business or more, work for your business, including being self-employed.


Exceptional Talent Visa: If you’ve been endorsed in your field in science, humanities, engineering, medicine, digital technology or the arts as; a recognised leader (exceptional talent) or an emerging leader (exceptional promise) you can apply for this Visa.

Graduate Entrepreneur Visa: If you are a graduate who has been officially endorsed as having a genuine and credible business idea, you can apply for this Visa.

Investor Visa: If you want to invest £2,000,000 or more in UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies, you can apply for this Visa.


Tier 2


General Work Visa: If you have been offered a job in the UK, provided the company offering you the job has a Sponsorship Licence, you can apply for this Visa. 

Intra-company Transfer Visa: If your overseas employer has offered you a role in a UK branch of the organisation, you can apply for this Visa.

Sports Person Visa: If you’re an elite sportsperson or qualified coach recognised by your sport’s governing body as internationally established at the highest level, or your sport’s governing body is endorsing your application or your employment will develop your sport in the UK at the highest level, you can apply for this Visa. 

Minister of Religion Visa: If you’ve been offered a job within a faith community (for example as a minister of religion, missionary, or member of a religious order) in the UK, you can apply for this Visa. 

Tier 2


Study Visas

Tier 4

Tier 4

General Study Visa: If you are 16 years of age or over, can speak, write and read English to CEFR Level B1 and have been offered a place on a course, providing that you can support your stay, you can apply for this Visa. 

Child Study Visa: If you are 16 years and under, have a place on a course, have the consent of your parent or guardian and have enough money to cover your course fees and living costs, you can apply for this Visa. 


It is important for all clients to work closely with us and be as cooperative as possible. Many applications are complex, so working closely is the best way to ensure that the application is prepared efficiently and meticulously. 

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