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Changes for settlement visa applications submitted in Pakistan

From the 6th July 2015, passports will be submitted at the Visa Application Centre, but all supporting documentation should be sent to UKVI in Sheffield (UK) by the sponsor/applicant.

The change has been introduced by UK Visas and Immigration as part of its commitment to continually improve performance and maintain excellent customer service. It will benefit sponsors of customers applying from Pakistan to settle in the UK, as it will mean that they will be able to submit supporting documents within the UK, rather than having to ship them to Islamabad.

Visas and decision notices will be returned to the customer via Gerry’s as normal along with the passport. Supporting documents will be returned to the sponsor in the UK.

Applications will continue to be decided within UKVI’s customer service standard of 60 working days for settlement applications.

Where should I send supporting documents?

The address for supporting documentation to be sent to is:

Settlement applications International Operations and Visas 6 Millsands Vulcan House Sheffield S3 8NH United Kingdom

Please ensure that the GWF reference number (generated when the application is completed online) is marked clearly on both the outside of the envelope and at the top right hand corner of enclosed documents.

What will happen to my passport?

Your passport will remain at the British High Commission, Islamabad throughout the process.

What does my sponsor need to do?

All the supporting documentation that your sponsor wishes to submit to support your application should be sent direct to Sheffield.

What will happen to my documents?

Supporting documents will be returned directly from the Sheffield visa section to the sponsor in the UK.

My sponsor sent my documents to Islamabad, will I get refused?

There will be a small transition period after the change, so if your sponsor sends the documents to Islamabad during this time they will be forward on to Sheffield.

Will it take longer for my visa to be processed?

No, we will continue to processes visa applications in line with our customer service standard, which is 60 working days for a settlement application. Where we are unable to resolve an application within our service standards, we will continue to write to applicants to explain why.

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