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New digital visa application service now available worldwide

The global roll out of the Home Office’s Access UK visit visa service is now complete.

In 2014 the Home Office introduced a new digital application service for customers in China to apply for visitor visas online.

Following its successful launch, Access UK has now been made available for customers applying to visit the UK in over 180 countries and 10 languages. Over half a million visitor visa applications have been received so far by the new service.

Access UK means visa customers can:

  • Make quicker visa applications using an intuitive online form

  • Use easy-to-follow checklists and steps which list the documents required to make an application

  • Apply flexibly using any mobile device.

Simon Peachey, UK Visas and Immigration’s Director of International Visa Operations, said:

''I’m delighted to report that this global roll-out has been achieved on time and without compromising on the quality of the service.''

The service will be rolled out to a further 13 lower volume locations over the coming weeks. Locations such as the Falkland Islands have unique application processes and are not yet able to use Access UK.

Access UK will replace the Visa4UK website, as part of the Home Office’s commitment to making it more convenient, quicker and easier for customers to apply for visas.

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