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UK Immigration Appeals - New Fees

Earlier on this year (2016) it was proposed that the fees for Appealing against a Visa decision, for both an Oral and Paper Hearing where to increase. Drastically.

From now on a;

  • Paper Hearing now costs - £490

  • An Oral Hearing now costs - £800

Each price has had a huge jump, as previously a;

  • Paper Hearing would have cost - £80

  • An Oral Hearing would have cost - £140

If your refusal letter is dated on or after 10 October 2016, you will have to pay the new fee, but if your refusal letter is dated before 9 October 2016, you only have to pay the old fee.

According to The Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the new fees represent the work that has to be done during the process.

''(This)...would raise around an additional £37 million a year, which is a critical contribution to cutting the deficit and reducing the burden on the taxpayer of running the courts and tribunals.''

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