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Visa and Nationality Fees Update (6 April 2018)

Legislation was laid in Parliament on 16th March, which sets out a number of changes to immigration, visa and nationality fees. These changes will come into effect on 6 April 2018.

Careful consideration is given to individual fees to help reduce the funding contribution from UK taxpayers, whilst continuing to provide and invest in a service that remains attractive to our customers and competitive with other countries.

To see the current list of Fees (as of 6th April 2018) please use this link.

The key changes are outlined below;

  • Increased fees on growth routes (work, study and visit) by 4%

  • Increased fees on most non-growth routes (nationality, settlement, family) and most associated premium services by 4%

  • The fee for the overseas optional ‘Priority Visa’ service for entry clearance will increase by 15%

  • For the fourth year running, we are not making any changes to fees under the sponsorship system

  • Fees for entry clearance to enter the Channel Islands and Isle of Man will rise in line with fee changes seen in the rest of the UK

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